Anysa Saleh was born and raised in the central valley of California. She is best known for her short videos and photographs documenting her experience as a Yemeni Muslim woman in the United States.
Saleh later moved to the Bay Area, where she attended California College of the Arts. She moved to the east coast in 2016 and has exhibited in the United States and abroad.


2014 California College of the Arts (CCA), Master of Fine Arts, Media Arts
2011 California State University Bakersfield, B.A. Psychology and Fine Arts


2014-16 Art Coordinator, San Francisco Day School
2014-16 Art Teacher, San Francisco Day School
2014 Guest Critic for Narrative Strategies, CCA Undergraduate Film Studies

Solo Exhibitions 
2023 The Daughters of Yemen, Bromo Seltzer Arts Towers, curated by Kirk Shannon-Butts                                                                                                                    2016 The Hollows Art Residency + Gallery Brooklyn, NY
2015 The Hive Artist Studios + Gallery, Oakland, CA
Group Exhibitions  

2023 What Happens When We Nurture, Black Artist Research Space, curated by Safiyah Cheatam and Dan Flounders                                                                                   2022 The Yard in Anacostia, curated by Jarvis Dubois2019 Stories Never Told, Arab American National Museum, curated by Hanna Yahya
2018 The Hinterland’s 8 Messia Gallery, Turkey, curated by Piril Gunduz
2016 Typecast, Hillyer Art Space, Washington DC, curated by Jarvis Dubois
2016 Salon Series, New Nothing Cinema, San Francisco, CA, curated by Lynn Marie Kirby
2014 The Possible, Berkeley Art Museum, CA, curated by David Wilson

2014 CCA MFA Thesis Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
2014 CCA Presets Stage & Screen, San Francisco, CA
2011 Changing the Guard, Todd Madigan Gallery, Bakersfield, CA, curated by Joey Kotting.                          
Awards | Publications | Fellowships 
The Hollows Artist Residency, Brooklyn, New York                                                           Barbed Magazine, 2016     
Theo Westenberger Estate Photography Finalist, 2016
InShort Film Festival, London, 2017

Literally Short Film Festival, Texas, 2017                                                                           YEMENtalks | Artist Talk, UC Berkeley, 2017                                                                   Islam and Print | Balitmore, MD, 2022

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